What are the benefits of ownership?

Appreciation in Value
Instead of facing rent increases and rising real estate costs, your investment appreciates.

Locked-In Occupancy Costs
Owners are insulated from ever-rising rental rates.

Tax Advantages
Owners can deduct condominium fees, mortgage interest, property tax and operating costs in addition to claiming
depreciation of the unit itself.

Dual Asset-Building: Your Business & Your Real Estate
While you’re building the value of your business, ownership of the real estate you occupy can create its own separate
asset value. In the event that you sell your business, the real estate will have its own value, and can be included in the
business sale, sold separately or kept.

Expert Property Management
Owners can concentrate on their businesses while leaving the management of the property and building systems to
a professional condominium management team.

Design Control
Custom design your premises to suit your company’s needs exactly, while increasing your equity, not your landlord’s.

Expansion Flexibility
Owners who anticipate expansion can purchase a larger unit and sublet the excess space, receiving additional revenue
until they are ready to expand.

Opportunity for a Unit Owner/Investor to Lease to a 3rd Party
Perfect for investors seeking to own commercial space to lease to companies or professionals.